Three steps forward, three steps back

Just a very quick update today. Family illness has kept me from the build for several weeks, and today I got back to things but inadvertently discovered that part of the shell main frame was built to the wrong measurements, and as a result the right hand side of the shell was a bid, well, cock-eyed. So I set about addressing that problem today – removing the relevant frame members, re-measuring, re-cutting, and re-fitting. By the time I was done, that was all I had time for.

So, now I have a straight and even frame, but I’m no further forward. In fact, as I still need to either replace the overhead shroud on the right-hand side, or do something else entirely, I’m slightly further back than I was. But at least I’m no longer lopsided.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to get back to the build soon.