Shrouded in mystery

Still very little to report from the build room. Most of the last three weeks have been taken up by the family illness situation, and so this was the first weekend for a long while that I had time to work on the project. Sadly, my resolve to do lots of stuff was hamstrung by losing my protractor – which I really needed to get some angles spot-on – and then my power screwdriver packing up.

Anyway, I’m working on replacing the overhead shrouds after the Great Frame Reset of the other week – when I fixed the lop-sided right hand side of the shell frame – since one of the plywood shrouds I made has been rendered too small by the reset, and the other was never that good to begin with.

This time, I’ve tried to measure and cut as accurately as I can, and I’ve definitely improved, but they’re still not perfect. There are still gaps. Sigh. The truth is, measuring accurately with a tape measure in a confined 3D space is just damned hard. I really need one of those nice laser tapes.

At any rate, I’m still working on the new left-hand shroud; I still need to tweak one of the pieces and see if I can get a better fit, and this time I’m going with a supporting frame to hold them in place. The main change is that I’m making them out of 6mm MDF rather than 6mm plywood, primarily for the greater rigidity. The small extra weight is not going to make any significant difference in the long run.

I’m discouraged that progress has slowed back to pre-Phase 3 speeds. But to be honest, there are good reasons for that which I’m not about to talk about on this blog. Fingers crossed for a speed-up soon.

No pictures this time… but expect some in the next post, which should see me post-shroud and back onto the pedestal.