Yoke fitting begins

Not a full post, this, but just a note to say that I reached a major milestone today when I was able to test-fit the yoke assembly (or, at least, the left-hand side of it) into the frame. The rod-carrier – which is mounted on drawer rails to allow it to slide back and forth – is now mounted to the frame in the correct place, and with that done I was able to push the yoke rod itself – complete with handle – into place and verify that the pillow block bearings are correctly placed and that the yoke rotates smoothly. The in-out movement is not quite so smooth, but I think a quick oil of the bearings will help that.

Much remains to be done. While all the in-handle electronics are done, all buttons tested and working, and the innards of both CH yokes put into a nice box ready to be mounted on the frame, I still have to mount and configure the potentiometers for both axes, and then work out how to fix lengths of bungee cord to provide resistance to movement and automatic centering of the controls.

A full post on the yoke build – with exciting pictures – will be forthcoming soon, when the right-hand side is done and mounted and I can test the double-yoke movement.

But hey; it’s progress. Right?