Hello, good evening, and welcome

Yes, that means you, anonymous visitor. This blog is about my ongoing efforts to build a nerd-tastic home cockpit so that I can indulge my, erm, passion is too strong a word, let’s say fetish for flying virtual airplanes around the virtual sky. More specifically in Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research’s X-Plane. Like many other fools before me, I decided that merely fiddling with a joystick at a desk was not good enough. Oh no. I wanted to be immersed in the experience, and short of acquiring enough money to buy a set of dedicated multi-million pound simulators to go in the garage, and being posessed of neither that much money nor indeed a garage to put them in, I realised I could only do this by building such an immersive environment for myself.

Of course, I’m hardly alone in this pursuit. A quick Google will reveal a small but significant number of like-minded fellows. Sadly many of the sites you’ll find are old, out of date, never finished or just plain not very good. I suppose their authors want to spend more time working on their hobby than posting about it. So while there’s some good material out there, there’s a dearth of recent, relevant stuff. I hope to fill some of that gap for those that care to know.

My own project has been underway for a few months now, but is not particularly far advanced. These things take time, you see. I’ll post more about the aims of the project shortly, but first I’m going to resurrect a few posts from an old blog I had started to cover various things including this project. No sense in wasting what’s already done, is there?

(Oh, and by the way – WordPress rules. Blogspot, it was just never going to work. Sorry.)