Back to multi-channel, and finally – a proper 180 degree outside display

In the weeks since I last posted, I’ve had the sim in bits so I could re-vamp the display system a little, and I took advantage of that opportunity to do a proper camera-based warp-and-blend with Immersive Calibration Pro. I then took that one step further and set up a geometrically-corrected 180 degree FOV outside view. No more stretched sides! But the performance issues were overwhelming doing this on a single PC, so I’ve gone all the way back to a multi-channel system, this time based on 4 PCs.

I’ll extend this blog entry in a day or two with full details of this process, and I’m going to put up a step-by-step guide video on Immersive Calibration Pro up on my YouTube channel fairly soon (it’s a big editing job!), along with a demo flight with the new setup, once I’ve finished fine-tuning it.