I don’t do updates…

…but if I did, they’d be the best updates in the world. Probably.

Seriously, though, it’s been ages since I posted here, and just as long since I posted on YouTube. You’ll have to forgive me, although this is hardly unusual in the history of this blog.

I’ve got some updates coming down the pipeline Real Soon Now, but long story short – it took me much longer than I’d intended to get done with the new screen and get the projectors mounted and aligned, but the results have been good. I did some real test flying and the display is much better than it was, not least because of the Screen Goo paint which I’ve finally applied. There are issues, which I’ll go into, but I’m working on those.

Most recently, I made a significant decision to go from a two-seat console down to a single-seat (pilots’ side) console. This was primarily so that I could get the console much closer to the screen and sit nearer the centre of it.

Details on all this and more in updates soon. Honest. In the meantime, he’s a picture of the current status quo: