Screen rebuild – update

I started work on my screen rebuild this weekend, but it quickly became apparent that it’s really hard to cut decent, accurate curves with a simple jigsaw and my limited cut supports and space. I really want this to work properly so I never have to consider building the screen again.

Having taken down the existing screen surface, I’ve decided that the underlying frame is itself not fit for purpose. Specifically, it’s a bit wonky. It’s the best I could do with my limited skills, but it’s just not good enough.

So (deep breath), I broke out the CAD program and drew up a set of parts for a completely new frame and screen assembly, calculated to be millimetre-perfect for the projectors that I’m using. I’ve just sent the CAD drawing off to a CNC cutting house for a quote to cut the parts. Provided it’s not super-expensive – and there’s no reason it should be – then I’ll have the parts cut and delivered to me, and from those I can build a new screen assembly and projector gantry.

I’ll update you when I know more…

UPDATE 23/01/17: I’ve commissioned a local design firm with the right CNC cutting equipment to cut the parts for me. Hopefully they’ll be ready this week. In which case, a build log will be forthcoming after the weekend…

UPDATE 25/01/17: Nope. The parts will not be coming until next week. So building will have to wait until next weekend. Sorry!