Quick progress update

This will be super-quick, in fact. I’m continuing to work on the pedestal – a couple of photos follow – and I hope this will be ready to go soon.

I’ve been having a think (and yes, I know that’s always a dangerous thing for me) and I’ve decided to make some changes to the projection screen frame. Specifically, I’m going to re-build the gantry part. I’ve never really been happy with the compromise solution I came up with for mounting the projectors. They hang out in space on wooden arms that flex and let them bounce up and down, and once the fans get going they reach some kind of resonant frequency and the whole image starts to vibrate subtly.

So I’ll build a new gantry arrangement that will allow me to mount the projectors directly to the gantry beam. I now have a few spare bits of sturdy timber that can be used for such a purpose. But I still think the gantry will need bracing, and I don’t want to put a support that goes to the floor as I think it will get in the way of the seats. I’m going to put in some kind of mount for an overhead touch-screen which is reasonably heavy, so the whole artifice will need quite a lot of support. I may end up bracing stuff up to the ceiling and screwing into the roof joists. Not 100% sure about that, so I’ll have a longer think before I actually do anything.

More news when I have it.