Two steps back

There’s been a mild setback in the curved screen department. In an attempt to improve the finish of the screen and get rid of the oval-shaped ‘dip’ in the centre where the two halves join, I pasted a layer of thermal lining paper over the screen. This seemed to be working well, but upon painting over that paper, all kinds of nasty sagging and distortions appeared. The lining paper is all but impossible to get off, too.

So I’ve decided to remove all the hardboard from the frame, and do it again. This time I’ll use three segments rather than two – I still can’t get a single piece of hardboard big enough – so the joins will be to the left and right rather than in the middle. I will also take the opportunity to improve the frame so those joins can be better made.

That’ll all happen this week, after which I’ll have to re-paint and re-warp the image. Annoying, but not the end of the world, and I’ll have a better screen for it.

Pictures later this week…