Don’t label me!

Just a very quick update – today I finally got around to printing and adding labels to the magneto and switch panel on my temporary simpit.

This is not quite as easy as you’d think, at least not without the proper tools – Adobe InDesign or similar. But you can achieve good results with Paint.NET, provided you measure things carefully and take note of your printer’s DPI setting.

In my case, my printer does 600DPI and so I created an image at 600DPI and sized it to fit, then put labels on as text and adjusted them until they were in the right places.

For the magneto, I pasted a piece of paper onto the top of the plastic panel, marked off the switch positions with a pencil, then scanned that in and put it under my image, scaled correctly, so I could position the text labels.

Then it was a matter of firing up my trusty colour laser printer, printing onto A4-sized sticky labels, cutting out the relevant parts with a scalpel, and then sticking them to the console. Results are below. They’re good enough, although some of the labels are a little off-centre. Never mind!