Coming Real Soon Now – some content!

Howdy followers. All both of you 🙂

So, I’ve moved house as threatened. In fact, I moved in September, so I’ve been here a while. But I’ve had lots on my mind including DIY, building desks, etc. I haven’t actually got the sim PC or kit set up yet – it’s only in the last week that I’ve actually had any room to think about doing it.

Anyway, I plan to put things back together this weekend for a test flight, though to be honest I will likely spend more time playing Elite Dangerous – which launched today, yay! – on my Oculus Rift DK2. I’ve been waiting ages for that. Then I’ll get back to FSX / P3D and see if I can’t persuade one of them to work with the Rift too.

Then in the near future, I’ll be rebuilding my FSX rig – OS re-install and complete re-install of FSX etc – because it’s become slightly buggy and I sense cruft approaching.

After that – I plan to start work on a sim-station which will be somewhere between a cockpit and an arcade enclosure. Something to use while I wait for summer to arrive and can put up the large garden shed I need to start the cockpit project proper anew. 2015 is the year it all happens, folks. Honest.

Back soon with more news…