I’m still here… honestly

This is one of those ‘sorry for not making posts’ posts that I never do.

Anyway, I’m still around, and still desktop simming. Or rather, I was, until I discovered a deep and abiding love for Elite: Dangerous (if you’re old enough to remember the original 1984 game, you will want to buy this modern sequel… trust me). Right now, that’s what my temporary pit is getting used for 99% of the time. Though having invested in TrackIR I’m curious to fire up FSX and see how it affects the game.

My house purchase has exchanged – woo-hoo! – and completion is due middle of the month, so by early September I’ll be all moved in and ready to start Version 3 of The Project.

My plan right now is to build a minimal shell-less pit in my back bedroom – probably some kind of MIP and a screen and a chair, and that’ll be about it – so I can just play a bit. Then, and this will likely have to wait until next summer now, since the UK weather will be turning to the rainy side in the not too distant future, I will look at putting up a garden shed in my new back garden to start building the new shell in. This will become the simulator’s final home. But building a sufficiently-sized shed is not a simple matter, nor is supplying the electrical power that it will need; and I already have sheds and other stuff down the bottom of the garden which will need to be cleared first.

So – the blog will remain desktop-sim oriented for the time being, and when I’m ready to start again I will archive off the old posts and start the blog anew.

My next post will probably be once I’ve moved and have started construction on the temporary back-bedroom project. See you then.