One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back.

Though when that’s going to be is uncertain.

I’m moving house. Or at least, I will be when I can find a house to buy. House-hunting in London? Not as much fun as you’d think, for values of fun that exceed ‘any fun at all’.

Until then, the project is back on hold. Everything that can feasibly move with me will move with me, everything else will be junked. My plan is still to build Ron Rollo’s LearJet shell, but not until I have a place to build it in where I won’t have to un-build it any time soon.

When I return to the project, it will most likely be on a new blog under a different name. I’ll keep this one up for the archives and for posterity’s sake, but as of now, there will be no new posts here. Unless I change my mind. I’m so changeable. It’s my weakness. But then it is my only weakness. Other than quoting BBC programmes in my blogs.

Night, all, and mind how you go.