Shrouded in mystery II

Little to talk about today, since I just finished off the shroud work I was doing last weekend. I mean, it was 28C outside in London today… you expect me to hang around in my spare bedroom doing woodwork? Not likely!

But I did put in an hour towards the end of the afternoon when it was cooling down, and finished off the shroud work. As I mentioned last time, having re-built some of the frame means my old shrouds were the wrong size – and they weren’t fantastic quality to begin with. This time around I used MDF and instead of tiny screws through plywood into pine as fixings, I fashioned something better out of pine baton and full-size screws.

That’s it, really, but here’s a couple of photos, and that’s your lot for a little while as I suspect my next few weekends will be taken up with work stuff.

The shroud is secured with a frame made of pine baton

On the inside, it’s a lot more even and solid than before