Nothing much happened today

Very little to report this weekend, I’ve had other stuff to do so I only managed a couple of hours building. Thanks to the Great British non-Summer, it is at least pleasant working conditions in the build room rather than the sauna that July usually is.

With my couple of hours I built the first of two new plinths for the Ford Galaxy seats that will serve as my cockpit seating. I had knocked up a first attempt using thick wood baton earlier, but in the end – as often happens on this project – I decided it wasn’t quite good enough. So I broke my usual rules about not using MDF for weight reasons and cut a couple of squares out of 18mm MDF to act as tops for new plinths, and I finished building one of the plinths by cutting two lengths of 100mm x 18mm pine baton, cutting out slots at the centre point for a crossover so they could be joined into an x-shape, and then screwed this to the MDF to create the basic plinth.

Later, I’ll finish off the second one in similar fashion, and I will probably put a decorative plywood trim around the outside to make it look more ‘boxy’ and hide the mounting bolts. Then the whole assembly will be fixed to the cockpit floor using aluminium l-plates. But that’s a while away.

Next up – the pedestal frame. This is the last part of the shell frame, and will mark the end of this phase of the build. After this, it’s about panels and trim and look-and-feel, and that will be quite a different kind of building project. I’m looking forward to it immensely.

Couple of pics for your entertainment: