Quiet around here, innit?

As you will know if you’ve been following the blog for a while (hi Matt!), I have foresworn making ‘sorry for not posting for a while’ posts, so it’s a bit galling to find myself making one now. But I did promise on my Facebook feed that there would be a big update at the weekend, and it hasn’t materialised, so here’s a very quick apology for that.

I’ve been struggling with a heavy cold – yes, I know, I’m a bloke, we don’t do colds very well – and just didn’t feel like spending an age writing up all the stuff I’ve been doing since I announced the latest project reset earlier in the year. Rest assured, however, that I have been hard at work – well, not hard, but certainly a bit. And I do have results to share, with photos and everything.

In truth, I’m probably only averaging about 4 hours work on the project a week. That’s because I’m still firmly in the power-tools-and-lots-of-noise phase of the build, and I can only do that sort of thing during the day when I’m in, which means the weekends, and I only have 2 of every 3 of those available. Not to mention that I have to fit other stuff into my weekends too. So a few hours a week is the best I can do until I can open up a significant second front on the build which can be done in the evenings, where I have time a-plenty. That’ll happen soon, BTW, as I begin work on my interior trim for the shell. I’ve had a job-lot of sponge and vinyl leatherette delivered recently, and I know how to use it. Sewing machine ahoy!

Anyway… expect a post about the new shell build, which is going pretty well, if at a pace that some would describe as glacial compared to some others I could mention (see mycockpit.org for more on that), and lots of badly-framed photos taken with my phone, sometime between now and the end of the coming weekend. Probably.

(Quick sidebar – WordPress, sort out your Windows 8 app. It’s mostly a reader but it has a ‘quickpost’ function and I thought I’d try it out. Only the editor renders all your paragraphs in div tags and that buggers up the nice line-height style attached to this template. Consistency is key, people. Mind you, the fact that the wordpress.com HTML editor strips the paragraph tags out of the HTML view is equally annoying. I’d rather like my posts to be valid HTML5, you know. Gah. Rant over.)