Down but not out

I haven’t got a lot done since my last post, mostly because I’ve been ill over the weekend when I would normally be working on the project. I barely got out of bed the last four days. I’m only just starting to feel normal again.

That said, I’ve made quite a lot of progress towards the design of the new shell, adapting it from the basic frame of the FDS 737 shell. Since I don’t have enough width to do it properly – 2m vs 2.4m – or indeed depth – I’ve got 1.8m max, the FDS shell needs 2m IIRC, it will be a little different. Most notably, the front and rear side windows will be on a single plane, rather than the front side windows angling in somewhat as is usual on a wider bodied jet (yes, the 737 is a wide body, compared to a small bizjet). This arrangement is common on business jets. I did consider going for LearJet-style wraparound windows, but the curves would be sure to defeat my limited woodworking skills.

But design is about all I’ve been able to do. I’ve erected one small part of the arch at the back of the shell, and of course the footwells have been screwed in their new places with reference to the measurements I took from the seat I built recently. I know the rough shape of the frame and how it will be constructed.

I have to do family things this weekend, but with any luck the two weekends after that – plus perhaps a few weekdays – will be free. If I can bestir myself to get on with things, I should make a decent amount of progress. If you’re a regular reader here you’ll be saying ‘yeah, right, I’ll believe it when I see it’ and I don’t blame you – this has to be about the slowest-progressing home cockpit build on the internet, I mean, I bought the electronic components for the whole thing over three years ago now! – but I’m quite pumped about the project now and I’m ready to put more effort into it than I have for a long time.

Check back next time to see if I make a liar out of myself.