On the shelf

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (and if so, hi Matt!) then you’ll know that I no longer believe in making ‘sorry for the lack of posts’ posts. So this isn’t one, although of course in a way it is, because there’s been a lack of posts for several weeks and I’m now mentioning that in my current post.

The project has stalled, if I’m being perfectly honest, due to lack of enthusiasm from me. Not that I’m not enthusiastic about the project goals still – I’m just finding it hard to be (and I’ll use the technical term here) arsed to get anything done. I no longer have that zip and zest for ripping MDF sheets. A lot of people go through a ‘sag’ mid-project, and this project has taken so much longer than most compared to what’s actually been done (not even counting the Great Reset last year), so it’s not surprising that I’m having a mid-project crisis of faith.

To grease my way back into wanting to build again, I recently spend a day building some shelves in my build room. These free-standing, l-shaped shelves run along two walls in the corner of the build room, on top of the desk that has become my ‘pile of stuff’ area. Let’s be honest, these shelves are what you’d call rough and ready. They are made out of pine board which itself is not fantastic quality. What they don’t tell you at your local B&Q or Wickes is that a substantial proportion of board stock they sell is bent, literally, often in more than one direction. Most of the boards I had available were far from flat. But the shelves don’t need to be perfectly flat for the purpose I’m putting them to, which is to hold lots of plastic containers in which various parts, screws etc will go. The goal is to move all the stuff from my ‘pile of stuff’ onto the shelves, giving me space to put all the various tools in the right places, and giving me back a flat desktop that I can then use for detail work, electronics work, etc. I will also fix my drill press down to one corner of the desk to give me a fixed drilling platform.

I’ve got the next two weeks off work, and the plan is to do at least 5 good days work on the project during that time. Fingers crossed, eh?

Next time… ‘how I managed to spend two weeks doing absolutely nothing’. See you then!