Even more slow going

A very quick update, this one. So much so that I won’t even bother to Twitter it. As usual I didn’t get much done over the weekend – I really need to find a way to increase my project momentum. But I did get the footwells clamped down to the floor and the frame in their final positions. Then I added the first part of the framing for the rest of the MIP. In this case, a simple rectangular front frame for the second level of the MIP, which will house the yoke system and a few switch panels, and a weather radar / multi-function screen display in the center. I made this from relatively thin baton and discovered, yet again, the ease with which it will split when screwed into without a pilot hole drilled first. Hmph. This frame was then secured to the sides and middles of the footwells. There will be further supporting frame members coming up from behind, but I didn’t get onto those today. No pics this week, you’ll just have to imagine.

The next level of the MIP is the main panel with PFD/MFD, some more switch panels, gear control and standby instruments. I’m currently designing this based on the available space and the frame build for it will be rather more complex, so I doubt it’ll be done quickly. More updates as and when…

Until then, back to MyCockpit.org for the lot of you!