Microsoft announces ‘Microsoft Flight’

I don’t normally post news or events on this blog but I thought I’d make an exception for this: Microsoft today announced a product from Microsoft Games Studios called Microsoft Flight, which is to be a successor to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The product name change, together with the heavy trumpeting of its Windows Live integration, and the suggestion that it’s for ‘all audiences’, points at something that’s moved away from a hardcore simulation and become much more of a game. Obviously, for sim fans, this is not great news. That said, we know next to nothing about what the new Flight is going to be. It may be that, while it can be used in a more beginner-friendly mode, all the old Flight Simulator power is still there and it will be able to be used as a full-on, proper simulator; a true successor to FSX. If so, it’s great news for the cockpit building community.

Only time will tell. For now, keep monitoring this site for news: