Good news, everyone!

Of course, when Professor Farnsworth says this, it inevitably isn’t good news.

The elder sage Scott Hanselman once told me not to post entries to my blog apologising for not having posted entries. Makes you look bad. Some blogs just don’t get updated very frequently – it doesn’t detract from the quality of the content. You don’t have to post five times a day like some people to get noticed. Etc.

Now, I sort-of agree with Scott. And sort-of not. After all, this blog currently has about three actual readers. Hi guys! I’m not particularly unhappy about this because it’s not a news or current affairs blog, and I’m not looking to start some kind of debate. I’m posting information about my own sim build in the hopes that it’ll be useful to other sim builders in future. So what’s more important is that I’m indexed on Google and come up for the right sort of searches. Going to have to work on that 🙂

Anyway, the good news is that I’m now on a two week holiday from work, and since my going-abroad plans were disrupted, I’ll be staying at home. That means two whole weeks of available time to work on the sim. Assuming I actually get as far as using half of that time, that’ll still be roughly as much as I usually get done in a couple of months. I’m genuinely hoping to get the basic enclosure frame finished, the skinning done, and the MIP and pedestal framing done, at least.

The bad news is that other than this announcement, this is a content-free post. More to come shortly as I actually get stuff done!